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​All Lifeguard classes will be held at Westwick Pool. The pool is located at 1339 Wickshire Lane, Houston, TX 77043. The class cost is $150. You can pay up front cash or check only or you can have it deducted from your first pay check. This will certify you in Lifeguarding/CPR/First Aid for 2 years. Please click here for the 2019 training schedule. 

There are 3 prerequisites in order to move on in the course:
       -300 meter swim(4 Freestyle, 4 Breath stroke, and 4 Freestyle/Breath stroke).
       -2 minutes of treading water.
       -Feet first surface dive in the deep end pick up a 10lb brick.

If attending the training class you must bring a bathing suit, dry change of clothes, lots of water and a good attitude.  Lunch will be one hour each day from 12-1. Pack a lunch or feel free to pick one of the many fast food joints around. Inservice – Locations, Times, and dates, will be determined once season has begun. Also, please bring your W4 form (click here).

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